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Headsup - I'm mostly here just for a bit of fandom now. Am kicking around elsewhere including on my flickr


welcome to my journal where it really can be all about me he heh :P

i never want to be jaded. i never want to stop learning. life's beautiful and strange and terrifying and impermanent.

we shall celebrate with such fierce dancing the death of your institutions.

New friends welcome!! Might take me a while to respond to you though. I'm like that.

Check out my photos fyi.

This is my main blog, I tend to talk about personal stuff, politics, sex, travel, nature, and random funny stuff. I can't stick to one topic, so you might be bored of birdwatching if you come here for sex talk :P I've recently set up two other blogs, sista_sinistra for craft stuff, and cycadia for music making stuff. I might set up a computer programming one too. These enable me to quarantine the more geeky stuff I feel compelled to blather into the ether about.

activism, anarchism, androgyny, animal behaviour, anti-racism, artificial intelligence, astronomy, bdsm, being unaustralian, bioluminescence, bird-watching, black humour, blue hair, bondage, breasts, bush foods, camping, celtic roots, children's books, chronic fatigue syndrome, civil disobedience, comics, communities, contentment without money, copper, corsets, courage, crafts, cuteness, cyberspace, dancing, darwinism, diy or die, dreadlocks, dumpster-diving, dykes, ebm, electroluminescence, electronica, electronics, evolution, exhibitionism, fannishness, fantasising, fashion, female strength, feminism, fetish, fixing things, food, frogs, fuck your gender, gardening, geek pride, genderqueer, getting lost, goth, graffiti, grey water, growing vegetables, hairstyles, happiness, hard rubbish, health at every size, herbal medicine, honesty, hope, hothead paisan, human behaviour, human rights, industrial music, insects, interests, interior decorating, intp, introversion, intuition, ireland, jilling off, joy division, jungles, kayaking, keeping an open mind, knives, laughing at the darkness, learning, lesbians, living in the moment, manga, masochism, meditation, minor chords, music, mythology, no borders, non-monogamy, orchids, pattern-making, perl, personalities, personals, photography, pirating, playing violin, power tools, pr0n, programming, punk, queer, questioning everything, random facts, reclaim the streets, recovery, riot-grrrl, road trips, sadism, sarcasm, scavenging, scepticism, science, science-fiction, scoliosis, screenprinting, self confidence, self-employment, self-sustainability, sewing, sex work, sharehouses, shoplifting, silliness, simple fun, slang, sleep, spirituality, sugar, taking responsibility, thai language, thailand, travel, tree-hugging, undercuts, undoing feminine socialisation, urban cycling, walking, weather, wilderness, women's land, writing, zines